Privacy policy

In the context of the security of each user’s personal data, we have ensured that is properly operated and complies with the General Data Protection Regulation, which has been adopted by the European Union (EU) and concerns the collection and processing of personal data. The personal data logger of our website is on our homepage, “our fleet” presentation section, the “private tour” section and finally on the “contact us” section under which the user quotes the required information on a contact form to send a message to the company. Data is collected to allow our company to respond to the sender of the message. Here is a detailed list of the personal data stored:

Personal Information Purpose of Recording
Full Name Create User Listing
E-mail Communication Ability
Telephone Communication capability
Area Communications Capability, Statistical

Our company does not under any circumstance and in any way further process your personal datanor send or share it with third parties either this is a natural person(s) or organization(s) or company(-ies).

Each user is able to send a message to to request the correction or complete deletion of his or her personal data at any time.